York County Dog Training Club

York County, Pennsylvania USA

Agility, Obedience, Rally, Earthdog, Tracking,
Scent Work, Community Involvement, and MORE!

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Important Documents

YCDTC Summer Picnic & Club Meeting

YCDTC Annual Holiday Dinner Party & Meeting

YCDTC Annual Banquet and 2023 Awards Ceremony

YCDTC - 2022 Awards Presentation

Enjoy the video presentation of our YCDTC members and dogs who achieved awards during 2022!

(Video posted on March 6th 2023)

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For Members of YCDTC (updated on October 8, 2023)

This is a special page for our members of YCDTC.  Here you will find information about our club member events as well as other information of importance for our members.