York County Dog Training Club

York County, Pennsylvania USA

Agility, Obedience, Rally, Scent Work, Fast CAT, Workshops, Community Involvement, and MORE!

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Important Documents

Members:  The Board of Directors Liaison document (at left) is a list showing responsibilities for coordinating various activities for YCDTC members.

If you need to get information about any activity or event, feel free to contact the appropriate board member.

(If you don’t know how to contact a board member, just touch base with our club secretary; her contact link is on the “About Us” page on our website.)

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(YCDTC 2024 club member events will be listed here when information is available.
Check back again!)

For Members of YCDTC (updated on March 9, 2024)

This is a special page for our members of YCDTC.  Here you will find information about our club member events as well as other information of importance for our members.