York County Dog Training Club

York County, Pennsylvania USA

Agility, Obedience, Rally, Earthdog, Tracking,
Scent Work, Community Involvement, and MORE!

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Thank you for visiting the York County Dog Training Club website!
YCDTC is an active and friendly group of folks who love all sorts of fun
dog-sports!  We are an AKC
®-affiliated club located in the general York County Pennsylvania USA area.

Our activities include providing trials, tests, matches, and seminars for everyone, and social events for both our dog and human club members!

Our website also provides premiums, entry information and informational fliers for our various club-sponsored activities.


(as of August 29, 2023)

Our club began, humbly, in the kitchen of one of our founding members in 1999, as a way to offer AKC obedience and agility trials
in the York County Pennsylvania area.

Since then, YCDTC has grown to over 100 members, many of whom
have been with our club since its inception.

All of our members, both younger and older, are dedicated to having FUN with our dogs and with our fellow club members, as we enjoy
our various dog-sport activities together!

We invite everyone interested in dog-sport performance activities at any level, with dogs of any breed (or mixed-breed too), to join us!  If you love dogs, and any sort of dog-sport activity, and enjoy the fellowship of other folks interested in dog activities, then YCDTC is for YOU!

Check out our various activities, come on out to meet us at one of our events, and experience what YCDTC is all about!


Event premiums, entry forms, and fliers may be found on the

YCDTC 2022 Awards Presentation

  Available to watch as a video!

  Watch a photo-show of our awards winners!
  Go to MEMBERS page to watch!

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Agility Trials (AKC)
  March 18th - 19th @ In The Net Sports Ctr.

  Agility trials @ Bella Vista Training Center:

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Fast CAT Trials (AKC)

  April 7th - 9th @ John Rudy Cnty Park


Obedience/Rally Trials (AKC)

  January 27th - 28th (Ob) @ PDTA
  January 29th (Rally) @ PDTA

  February 17th (Ob) @ BVTC

  February 18th - 19th (Rally) @ BVTC

  July 2nd (Rally) @ BVTC

  August 18th - 19th (Ob) @ PDTA

  August 20th (Rally) @ PDTA


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Scent Work Trials (AKC)

  April 8th @ Carlisle PA

  May 13th @ New Kingstown PA

  October 7th @ Mechanicsburg PA

  November 14th @ BVTC

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YCDTC Member Summer Picnic / Meeting

  Saturday, July 22nd

~ ~ ~

YCDTC Member Holiday Dinner Party

  December 2023 (details TBD)

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YCDTC Annual Member Banquet and
  2023 Awards Ceremony

  Saturday, March 2nd 2024
  Wyndham Garden Hotel, York PA

  (Details will be made available closer to event)

*** LATEST YCDTC UPDATES (as of 8/29/23) ***

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Agility Trials @ BVTC - October & November

Scent Work Trials - October AND November - EVENTS/TRIALS

 ** YCDTC 2022 awards banquet presentation (March 2023) - MEMBERS **

Updates to YCDTC Bylaws & Volunteer Policy - MEMBERS