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York County, Pennsylvania USA

Agility, Obedience, Rally, Earthdog, Tracking,
Scent Work, Community Involvement, and MORE!

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Trials, Seminars and Events sponsored by YCDTC (updated on November 30, 2023)

Here you will find listings for dog trials, tests, seminars/workshops, and other events that are open to the general public.  All are sponsored in whole or part by YCDTC, or provided via courtesy links to other nearby clubs.
Please refer to the provided premiums, entry forms, or flyers for complete and specific information for each event.

A list of YCDTC members who have volunteered to be dog-sports mentors may be found HERE.

YCDTC club documents and forms may be found on the MEMBERS page.

AKC - Fast CAT Trials:
  April 7th - 9th 2023

Meadows Dog Park @ John Rudy County Park, York PA
Six Fast CAT tests total

Opens 02/06/23, closes 03/28/23

AKC - Scent Work Trials

  April 8th 2023

Cumberland County Facilities Management Building, Carlisle

Two trials – Interior (Nov, Adv, Exc, Mas), Exterior (Nov, Adv, Exc, Mas)

Opens 2/6/2023, Closes 3/20/23

  May 13th 2023

St Stephen Lutheran Church, New Kingstown

Two trials – Container (Nov, Adv, Exc), Exterior (Nov, Adv, Exc)

Opens 3/27/2023, Closes 5/3/2023

  October 7th 2023

Williams Grove Steam Engine Museum, Mechanicsburg

Two trials – Interior (Nov, Adv), Exterior (Nov, Adv, Exc, Mas), Detective

Opens 8/26/23, Closes 9/23/23


  November 14th 2023

Bella Vista Training Center, Lewisberry PA

Part of a two-day trial w/ WHWTCA (that one is on Monday November 13th)

Two trials each day; see COMBINED premium for details

Opens 9/01/23, Closes 10/30/23

We now have new ribbons for the higher scent work levels –

Level Title, Elite Element Title, & Elite Level Title!

AKC - Obedience & Rally Trials
  NEW!!!  January 26th - 27th (Ob) and 28th 2024 (Rally)

Papillonia Dog Training Academy
Rally - two trials on Sunday
Opens 12/04/2023, closes 01/08/2024

  UPDATED!  February 17th (Ob) and 18th - 19th 2023 (Rally)

Bella Vista Training Center

Rally - Two trials both days, all four levels offered

Opens 12/02/2022, Closes 02/03/2023

  July 2nd 2023 (Rally)

Bella Vista Training Center

Two trials on the 2nd; part of a multi-cluster trial

Opens April 3rd 2023, Closes June 16th 2023

  August 18th -19th 2023 (Obedience) and August 20th 2023 (Rally)

Papillonia Dog Training Academy

Rally - two trials on the 29th

Opens June 26th 2023, Closes August 2nd 2023, 12 noon

AKC - Agility Trials:
  March 18th - 19th 2023, In The Net Sports Center, Palmyra PA

Opens December 26th 2022, closes March 10th 2023

  Agility Trials at Bella Vista Training Center, Lewisberry PA

     See listing of trial dates on our website home page

     (Please use the link button below to go to BVTC’s website to obtain
     BVTC-hosted trial premiums)

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